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Toolkit for Instagram – Gbox v0.3.41 [Mod] APK

We bring you, the worldโ€™s first toolbox, that has multiple tools to help you level up your Instagram game.


Features ๐Ÿ‘‡

โ€“ Swipeable Photo [Chop 1 photo into 3 for that swipe effect.]

โ€“ No Crop Post Post full sized pics on Instagram without cropping]

โ€“ Video Splitter [ Chop your long videos into 15 seconds fit into your IG stories. ]

โ€“ Repost [ Repost other creators image/video with credits. ]

โ€“ Glitch [ Get that glitchy, vintage + 10 more effects in your photos.]

โ€“ Top 9 [Create a collage of top 9 most liked photos of 2018]

โ€“ 9 Grid [ Create those cool stack of images that have to see going to the profile. ]

โ€“ Best Hashtags [Get the most used & followed hashtags to use for your posts & win the explore game! ]

-Space adder [No more dots, dashes or any other ugly characters.]

โ€“ Swipe photo [Create a stunning and immersive swipeable photo and get creative with your multiple photo posts! ]

โ€“ Color picker [Upload a photograph and use our tool to get names for colours from the palette! ]

โ€“ Creative fonts [Step up your captions & Instagram bios with creative font styles & text ideas.]

โ€“ Feed Planner (Coming in June)

We love hearing your ideas and feedback. If you have any suggestions, email us at [emailย protected] or send us a message on Instagram @gbox.app

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